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Online edition of India's National Newspaper The HINDU Thursday, Jan 24, 2002
Watching Saroja Devi, yesteryear star, on Pongal Day on TV took many viewers on a trip down memory lane.

AS THE bright rays of the rising sun entered my room, the television screen flashed the SUNchannel logo along with that familiar tune.
A bewitching smile and lustrous black eyes captured my attention. It was the yesteryear dream girl — Saroja Devi. She was being interviewed now in her capacity as chairperson of several Government film boards and award committees and also as a successful television artiste (Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswathi). 300

It was interesting to hear Saroja Devi talk about her life and career.

Working simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films was tough she said, and sometimes entailed shooting for almost 20 hours a day.

Yet, life in the film industry was quite enjoyable with the unit members working as one family.

"I always wanted to step down gracefully and knew God will show me the way further," she said. She always carried with her Goddess Chamundeshwari's kumkum.

The most trying moment of her life was when she lost her supportive and loving husband. But her friends stood by her and gave her the strength to face it. "My husband always guided me. He taught me the importance of saving what one earns for a secure future".

Some of her best movies were made after she was married.

"It's very important to have an understanding life partner," she said.

The actress now practises yoga for mental and physical fitness.

Watching the veteran on Pongal was a feast for the ears and the eyes.


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