(Bengalore, 10th january 2010)


This is Bengaluru Saroja Devi (recipient of honorary doctorate from Bengaluru University) in one hour interaction at ‘Belli Hejje’ organized by the Karnataka Chalachitra Academy. The third in the series was an eye opener to the present genre and threw light on the charismatic personality Dr B Saroja Devi life, living style, concern, discipline etc on Saturday evening at Badami House.

We bring you the highlights of doyen of South Indian cinema Dr B Saroja Devi ‘Darshana’! ·

This type of program is meaningful and we get to see our cinema industry people. Nowadays we are meeting in place of death any film personality and functions. · My mother Rudramma is everything in my life and my husband the strong force for me to be in today’s position. He was chief engineer in Siemens Germany. I was brought up in a discipline way by my mother so my husband need not have to worry much. · Whenever I said ‘Amma let us go back I want to school, college and study it did not happened’. Every time I said let us go back it gave me good grounding.


The death of my mother and husband Sri Harsha affected me a lot. Money is nothing in front of life. When my husband had heart attach there was only St Martha’s hospital. No facility for angiogram. That time I an enough money. But it could not save my husband. I have lost everything I earned due to an auditor mistake. The property was attached to the court. My husband holding my hand said I am earning and providing food for four persons is not difficult. · When Aradhana Hindi film was big it actor Dilipkumar, Rajesh Khanna told my husband that I should not stop acting. My husband Sri Harsha obliged me to act in films. · Once I gave a blank cheque to some body. My husband told me that I should give blank cheque even to my grand father.

In Kannada Ku Ra Seetharama Shastry and Honnappa Bhagavathar from ‘Mahakavi Kalidasa’, in Telugu NTR via Panduranga Mahatme, in Tamil MGR from Nadodimannan, Gemini Vasan in Hindi from Paigam I entered all languages. · When I played wife and mother to Dr Rajakumar in Babruvahana the media said I am like a joker. I was deeply hurt with it. Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar condemned this type of writing. Dr B Saroja Devi first applied grease paint from ‘Sri Rama Pooja’ – the hero of that film Rajendra Krishna was present at the ‘Belli Hejje’ interaction in Badami House auditorium.

I was told the combination of Vyjayanthimala and Padmini. ·
I was learning languages although Kannada was my mother tongue. ·
I do not like artists told wrong thing .
I come always with good saree and make up. For the eyes of public we should feel let down. ·
I was chair person of censor board for nine years. Those who are in the cinema only should be in positions related to cinema bodies. For censor board I resigned when the BJP government came. Manege hosalu, cinema censor is important. ·
I have vehemently argued in many cases .
I was the first to put up boulders as Kanteerava studio chairman. ·

Once I fell down during the shooting in ‘Kesaru’ in Ooty. I was not able to come and the ropes did not come to help. An elephant was pressed to action. Holding the tusks I was pushed one side forcibly. I had multiple injuries. ·

My life is equal to Kittur Chennamma film. Losing mother, husband, daughter has been so similar in real life too.

Today heroines come here to work for only two years. They do not have interest to learn. They are prepared to stay for small time. · Dr Vishnuvardhana should have got awards from central government. The government here should have recommended.

I was recommended for Padmasri and Padmabushan by Tamil Nadu government Give respect to artists and those who work in this field. We are not thieves. We don’t see caste, creed and religion. ·

When Rajiv Gandhi wanted me to contest for MP seat from Mandya then my Gowda community was discussed. · Institute awards in the name of Pandari Bai and MV Rajamma. ·

You photographers do not put out pictures. En Madthira ashtondu photo thakkondu. Naav Satha Mele Hakthira’? · I am a woman and I do not have influence to get awards. Dr Jayamala should know about it. Our MP’s in Delhi known only Amitabh Bachchan. · I am not going to retire. After 12 years I am acting in ‘Adhavan’ Tamil film directed by KS Ravikumar. ·

For a question that you were supposed to get married to SM Krishna = Dr BS was disturbed. For the one Raghavendra who asked this question she said you come with me let us go to ‘Swarga’ and ask my mother . I told earlier I have not crossed the verdict of my mother she pointed.

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